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About Us

SouthPark Christian Church • Disciples of Christ

SouthPark Christian Church is a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Disciples of Christ was founded in 1832 as one of the first Churches founded in the United States. As an open and affirming congregation, we welcome all people from all backgrounds.

Why I'm a member at SouthPark Christian Church

"I was first introduced to SouthPark Christian Church (SPCC) in 2009 by a long-term member. My initial impression was the congregation was very friendly, but I thought it was because of the member that I knew. During future visits the welcoming atmosphere continued, and I learned more about the commitment that the congregation and leadership had for each member, each visitor, and the community. I became a member of SPCC in 2011 because the Members won my heart and spirit. Every member is truly committed to SPCC’s mission, “A Spirit-Filled Christian Family, Supports Every Member, a Community Center Through Spirit-Driven Outreach.” Through Sunday School, Book Club & small groups I have had the opportunity to explore my own beliefs and expand my understanding of the Bible and the Christian Church. Because of SPCC’s strong dedication to the individual and the community, I have had many chances to participate in sponsored food drives, collections of supplies for the students, classroom, and teachers at adopted schools, projects to feed those in our community that are hungry and without homes, work with local residents that are involved in community service program, plus so many other activities. During all this time I’ve had lots of fun with the members and community residents at SPCC, planned gatherings at Christmas, S’mores parties, movie nights, VBS, community gardening, retreats to Christmount Conference Center, monthly potluck dinners and many more fun & laughter parties. I've gotten to know other Charlotteans because of their membership in local groups & organizations that routinely utilize SPCC for programs, ongoing meetings, & social functions. When I moved to Charlotte, I knew one person then I was introduced to SPCC members. Now all these “members” are my Friends that I pray, study, work, plan, & laugh with every week. Even though my Children, Grandchildren, and Sisters live in other states, members of SouthPark Christian Church are now part of My Family."



"South Park Christian Church is the only church that I remember being a part of besides First Christian in Winston-Salem, where my grandparents lived. My mom and I joined SPCC in 1969 and I believe I was baptized in 1973 - at First Christian in Charlotte. We didn’t have a sanctuary at the time. I fondly remember youth group every Sunday evening, bringing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hanging out with my church friends. My experiences at Christmount with Chi Rho and CYF camps were life changing. I met my best friend there one summer not knowing that she lived in Charlotte and was a member at First Christian. We are still best friends to this day. During my college years I came to church when I was home and took a few years break in my mid twenties. Came back to church as a young adult in a serious relationship, engaged to be married.

I married my sweetheart, Dave, in 1991 at SPCC. Jerry Whitt and Father Gene McCreesch married us. Dave has always been a huge part of SPCC and finally joined. Everyone thought he had always been a a member!

Tanya holds a special place in my heart!  When we brought our babies home from Texas, she was always there to take them for that hour. Michael and Talley love her so. She is such a blessing for all of us who have brought our children to church.

Some of my fondest memories are of being in the handbell choir, playing beside my sweet Mother. Penny had a lot to put up with because we laughed a lot.

The music at SPCC has and continues to be a place of worship for me. Each week as I sit in my spot, I look over at the piano and can feel the presence of my mom sitting beside me with her arm around me. Even though she has been gone for almost 10 years, that feeling doesn’t fade and is comforting. I have forever friends that I met at SPCC. I continue to worship here for the relationships that have grown over the years. I know that I can count on the membership at SPCC for any and all cares of mine. I love my church family."


Our Vision

To be a faithful, growing church, that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality and a passion for justice.

-Micah 6:8

Meet The Team

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