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SouthPark Christian Church has enjoyed having our beautiful Columbarium and Memorial Garden since 1997.  It was the dream of our beloved member Jack Bower, who designed it and supervised its construction.  Some of the Columbarium’s construction was actually performed by members of our own congregation.

For those members and friends of members whose final wishes are that they be cremated and memorialized there, the Columbarium is situated just outside the Narthex – our gathering place for Sunday service.  It was designed to be an integral part of the church architecture and is in full view for all of us to remember those of our church family who have passed on over the years.


Persons eligible to be interned in the Columbarium and Memorial Garden are members and former members of SouthPark Christian Church and their immediate families, to include spouses, children, parents, step-children, and step-parents. Others with family connections or other valid ties to SPCC may be considered.

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